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We partner with global brands and emerging cloud service providers to automate all important tasks for a subscription based business such as Billing, Provisioning, Scheduling, Reconciliations, Subscription Management, etc. along with a Marketplace integrated with Payment Gateway, Taxation, Multi-Currency and all meaningful integrations, required for a true digital experience.​

AppGallop was founded by cloud industry veteran, Rajeev Vij who had experienced the challenges faced by cloud service providers first hand and when he met Saranjit Singh an ex-banking technologist the platform was ideated and put into development.

Execution is always the king when it comes to any start-up, which is what both Rajeev and Saran focused on. Even before the MVP was officially released our first customer signed up and the platform started taking shape as per the key requirements of cloud distribution while addressing the pain areas. Hence it quickly connected the dots for several other global players who liked the fact that we not only understood Cloud but also the challenges of running it as a provider for their partners and/or customers.​

Our Vision

Real innovations and positive customer experiences are the heart of successful business platforms.​

  • Creating Results
  • Good thinking
  • Expect more
  • Contribute

Our Mission

Empower Cloud Service Providers of all sizes to distinguish and digitally transform.​

  • Activate Automation
  • Brilliant Experience
  • Dynamic Branding
  • Better. Best. Wow!​

Our Values

“Commitment to Customers” while maintaining high levels of Integrity and trust.

  • Fun environment​
  • Accountability
  • Passion and
  • Humility​
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20+ Years


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Our History Our History

Journey begins in 2017

  1. 2017 26th March


    Started with a team of 5 people, 400 sq. ft. office space and a clear thought process of enabling Cloud Service Providers to focus on their core business trusting on a platform that can automate all their redundant chores and equip self-serve for customers. Our office as well as homes were full of white sheets on the walls with idea and platform design maps.​

  2. 2017​ July

    Minimum Viable Product (MVP)​

    The first cut of MVP took shape with complete in-house technical bootstrap building a marketplace and commerce engine using Java technologies. No third-party tool or open source platforms like Magento were leveraged. We were proud of the test runs; the website was launched, and product demonstrations began.​

    Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  3. 2017 Aug

    Market Validation​

    The demonstrations and meetings led to getting few quick POCs going, which got us to our first customer with real production work. We started getting our data center and security frameworks in place while the actual customer environment was being configured and customized. With this we hit the pedal on adding customers and building on the next versions and releases of the platform as per the planned milestones.​

    Market Validation
  4. 2018 April

    Global Success​

    Our confidence was brimming when we competed with several global players to finally win a prestigious deal from a Global Cloud Distributor and Software Solution Provider across 80 countries. We had opportunity and challenges both in front of us. Within a short window we had to start planning and rolling out important things like GDPR, Cloud sovereignty, data protection norms and of course start taking the first wave of rollout countries online. We delivered all this successfully and learned a lot too in this epic run, which till date continues along with their growth.​

    Global Success
  5. 2019 Aug

    Spreading the Wings​​

    With growth in business it was imperative to add more technology warriors to the team, we added a 24x7 support services, increased the testing, infrastructure and development teams. We were happy to welcome our Vice President of Engineering- Harish Patel in our team, who brought with him a deep cloud industry knowledge coupled with a very relevant cloud control panel design experience. He rolled out important ITIL processes, CI/CD frameworks, in-house Devops, project and release management platforms along with a solid roadmap of AppGallop 2.0.

    Spreading the Wings
  6. 2019 Sep

    First Company Offsite Meet​​

    For all the hard work put in and success achieved, it was time for all of us to celebrate and award people who made a huge difference in AppGallop and its Customers’ lives. We booked an entire property for exclusive 3 day stay on the hills of Bhimtal, Uttrakhand. Every day was recreation, team learning, games, trekking, and evenings went live with music and full-on party till late nights. See the action captured in few select pics. It was planned to have this every year going forward.​

    First Company Offsite Meet
  7. 2020 Jan

    New Development Center & 24x7 support​​​

    We identified Jaipur, the Pink City of Rajasthan, India as the right mix of talent and cost optimization for AppGallop to situate its first 24x7 center for Research, Development, Testing and Support. The recruitment of talent has been an ongoing process since then.​

    New Development Center & 24x7 support
  8. 2020 Apr


    The world was taken by surprise with this pandemic, and so were we. But thanks to all the processes and systems we had already invested in for efficiency gains that made it a breeze for us to work remotely from our homes. We believe in safety of our team, integrity of our processes and commitment to our customers. This simple but useful philosophy has made this difficult time easy for everyone. We continue to grow our clients and our team. Stay tuned for more.​​

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