Automated Provisioning on Disti/LSP Marketplace

Eliminate the need of duplicate effort to manually type orders on Dist/LSP portal, make use of DistiConnect to directly push orders for provisioning.

Disti API Connect

Digital transformation is not just an option today, but the standard for better channel design and channel management driving effective competitiveness. Most IT distributors/ LSPs have deployed or planning to deploy a partner marketplace that provides a portal for their VARs to place orders online. However this still leaves a room for manual entries by the VAR and sometimes errors or inconsistencies pop-up.

As VARs are also automating their internal commerce engines and deploying their own multi-cloud marketplace, they expect entries to be posted automatically to the Disti/ LSP marketplace. However, unless an API integration in established this remains an unfulfilled desire. AppGallop DistiConnect provides this feature to both Distributors/LSPs and to VARs using AppGallop marketplace.

Most VARs are finding it tough to not only place orders manually but also to reconcile that with the invoices received. AppGallop solves this issue with DistiConnect logic running on both or either side that helps capture important information and create a log of transaction entries that reconcile on a daily/ weekly or monthly basis.

Get more efficient and sure by insisting on a connect with your VAR or with your Disti helping you save time and money. Allowing you to focus on your business growth vs back-office administrative tasks.



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