Connect and post entries to your Back-office software

Automate your integration with your back-end ERP, CRM, Financial Accounting Software, etc. using our restful APIs and ensure that you get a consistent view of your business.


Back-office integration refers to the coordination between your front-end marketplace systems and back office processes. Integration means that information from both systems is accessible from one location or database. Effective integration of back office systems with customer facing systems improves coordination with the front office resulting in better customer service and reduced duplication of effort by staff.

AppGallop provides the restful API integrations required to post/receive entries to/ from your financial accounting system like Tally, QuickBooks or even ERP like SAP, Dynamics, etc.

AppGallop provides a fully integrated online system that Produces invoices marked paid at end of transaction and emails to client. Integrates with accounting system and inputs sales, commissions or fees paid, and all sales taxes. Handles all accounts with credit card companies through the service provider’s accounts with a reasonable fee for this service. Decreases Administrative work because information is entered just once.

AppGallop Integration also means you do not have to check information between systems.



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