Sell your SaaS software worldwide with AppGallop

Integrate your Cloud/ SaaS offerings with our network catalog through “AppGallop Platform Ready” program that positions you across all service providers running our white-label Marketplace.


ISVs worldwide are moving to cloud and providing their software as a service (SaaS). Building a great product is just the beginning, getting it out there, establishing credible customer relationships, partner channels or distribution agreements is a huge task in itself.

AppGallop invites all SaaS software vendors to get their application certified and listed for distribution and reselling relationships on our core platform. We provide our platform as a white-label solution to Distributors, LSPs, Hosters, Telcos, ISPs, etc., you solution is then made available to them for selling as part of our core network catalog with pre-arranged margin and incentive structures. You get a great GTM lever and they get a great solution to sell as part of their marketplace catalog. It’s a win-win!!

By plumbing your application software with AppGallop you also get to use the benefits of our subscription billing for customers that are either coming through AppGallop Marketplace store owners. You have the opportunity to use AppGallop ISV plan to leverage the entire benefits of billing, invoicing, settlements, your own marketplace, etc. at a subsidized plan. Its important to adopt systems of cloud intelligence when you are selling cloud services. Talk to our experts today for understanding the program requirements in detail and getting listed on our network catalog. Making you “Cloud Super Heroes“!!



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