IT Distributors & Licensing Solution Providers

Focus on what matters most; create the best cloud-based products and services to meet customer needs. Dramatically expand your reach and provide your partner ISVs or vendors an access to newer customers and partners worldwide.

IT Distributors/ LSPs

IT industry has witnessed some of the fastest change of trends, being an IT Distributor/ LSP today, is not just about keeping pace with these trends but also have business systems that keep their business healthy and thriving amidst these changes. They need to identify solutions that catalyze their growth and help with the required transformation.

To be positioned for success the real trick sometimes lies in understanding these challenges at the earliest, and put systems of intelligence in place to overcome them. Since channel margins are under constant downward pressure and the expense of driving sales efforts or managing channels are going up-north, an effective and automated channel with self-service model and a marketplace can be a source of strategic advantage for Distributors. AppGallop provides a platform that brings about efficiency gains and helps improve profitability, increase customer/partner penetration, remove manual delays, reduce churn and provide a mechanism to monetize each interaction/ engagement by automating all tasks.

Most Distributors/ LSPs have witnessed that traditional ERP and CRM systems cannot deliver the capabilities required to support this transformation as they try to move to value added services and/or deliver on the promise of Enterprise IT, from merely being a fulfillment center generating low margins.

AppGallop is built on these specific premises, positioned to solve all this and more, out of the box. It will not only help you distinguish yourself with an end to end cloud commerce automation but also provide a pre-plumbed marketplace that draws upon specific, customized services and pricing, dynamic promotions, vouchers, customized quotes and contracts, specialized product bundling services, and vendor-managed inventory.

“A modern solution for a modern IT Distributor/ LSP” – AppGallop



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