Sell Pre-Integrated Third-Party SaaS Solutions

Monetize your existing customer base and relationships by selling more solutions, curated from a network catalog of third-party SaaS solutions and cloud services.


Most business technology buyers today expect to be able to find, buy, and manage the software they need in the cloud. They want to buy more and more solutions from the same vendor. If you are not providing what they want, they may look elsewhere and perhaps quietly leave.

With AppGallop enable your customers to browse, compare and purchase cloud services from a network catalog of pre-integrated cloud services or SaaS solutions from your partner engagements.

AppGallop gives you complete control of your marketplace’s product catalog with tools to define product categories, product placements and merchandising strategies. Sell your core services or choose from pre-integrated applications from the network catalog to resell online, via your sales team or through resellers.

Build a recurring revenue stream of cloud services and ensure higher valuations, better customer retention, more services opportunities and higher margins with AppGallop.



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