Where Cloud meets Commerce

AppGallop is a cloud commerce automation & marketplace platform enabling service providers to drive revenue growth, achieve agility and kick-start digital transformation

Cloud Marketplace

It’s one thing to be selling cloud selling products or services, and another to be selling it the cloud way – The Digital Way!

All leading cloud providers today know the value of a cloud marketplace. Many of them have invested years in building their homegrown versions and perhaps stuck with it. We got your covered with an app-marketplace platform that has been built with years of cloud experience and knowledge of cloud commerce. How apps should be sold. The value of bundling and the art of increasing your average revenue per customer per user year over year.


The platform allows you to almost instantly launch your marketplace that would help you not only showcase and sell your own products but also products from 3rd party providers. Our platform allows direct API connections with leading OEMs like Microsoft O365, Azure, and provides the ability to custom connect apps from various independent software vendors.






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