Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Automation

Transform to a digital platform that aggregates cloud solutions into a single portal, manages subscription billing and reconciles data into one view, while providing value added services to help differentiate.

Microsoft CSP Automation

Microsoft is leading all the way with Cloud, and its resellers are transforming as Cloud Service Providers. The opportunities of growth are abundant, but it also requires transformation to modern systems of intelligence that eliminate obstacles such as billing delays, incorrect invoices, manual reconciliations, bad debts, customer churn, etc. Whether you are a Tier 1 (Direct) Microsoft CSP or a Tier-2 (Partner) with a Microsoft Distributor, the platform enables you to provide value added cloud services to your customers.

However, it gets a little confusing to many when it comes to this term called ”Value”. Most wonder, ”how do I add value” in a price sensitive market or ”does my implementation service count as value addition”? While there are various versions of answers, the clear mandate is to first step in for a complete Digital Transformation.

Bundling Third-Party SaaS products and your own core service offerings helps differentiate, while increasing customer life time value (LTV) and stickiness. AppGallop provides a portfolio of pre-integrated SaaS solutions and makes it easy to add more solutions and services instantly.

The platform provides easy to configure “product bundle” services and ability to run offers instantly. This helps you move faster than your competition and take timely advantage of Microsoft promotions. Provide better inputs to Microsoft and to your Distributor to get better support and visibility in the system.



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