Omni-channel Sales CRM

Accelerate speed to market, reach new customers and provide self-service with a subscription economy CRM catering your online and offline sales channels.

Sales Automation

Expand your sales penetration, create and track opportunities with integrated product catalog and pricing information. Create compelling events for closure leveraging time bound promotions available for selection. Run and informed sales engine leveraging AppGallop-CRM’s advanced forecasting by product, service, sales rep or partner type. Ensure zero sand bagging of opportunities month over month.

Leverage team work: Group effort planning, assigning tasks to team members such as pre-sales or manager, etc. ensures better closures. Utilize the customizable workflows of the platform for ensuring a sales order is approved before it is sent out to customer for acceptance. Manage sales by customer/ partner type or geography.

Sales teams play an important part in the buyer’s decision and purchase process. Diligent tracking and persistent efforts are required to sell the apps, and sales teams need the flexibility to reach potential customers from wherever and whenever.

AppGallop-CRM helps meet this objective with a commerce platform that offers omni-channel reach. It provides the Sales teams ability to provide assisted sales to customers online, in the field, through resellers, or from call-centers. With a platform that provides unified billing and instant provisioning across all channels; sales teams can now sell products that meet customer requirements, and also deliver a seamless experience that drives customer satisfaction.



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