Independent Software Vendors providing SaaS solutions

Boost your software sales with a platform that manages your subscription billing, speeds revenue and provides agility. Manage multiple partner types and direct customer relationships in a single view.

Software Companies/ ISV

Software vendors worldwide are moving to cloud and providing their software as a service. Building a great product is just the beginning, getting it out there, establishing credible customer relationships, partner channels or distribution agreements is a huge task in itself. And then the challenges of managing the subscription billing of customers that are either coming directly or through tier-1/tier-2 and even white-label relationships.

AppGallop provides software vendors a flexible and strong platform that provides them the ability to offer trials, follow through for lead closures, drive scale, and expand reach through managed partner relationships.

Ensuring that what’s being sold is indeed getting invoiced. Ensuring that there are no leaky buckets for the leads that come in or perhaps a bad support engine is not causing a higher churn. These questions are more strategic and life-savers than operational.

AppGallop provides a ready template for streamlining these issues and empower the ISVs focus on their core product and be able to monetize effectively all while minimizing cost and risks. Leverage key levers lending to increased customer Life-time-value (LTV). Ensure payments on right time with features such as “pay on time = rewards” or buy online = discount coupons, etc. These small things go a long way to ensure customer retention and AppGallop provides the mechanism to track the complexities involved at the back-end.



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