Billing & Payment Management

Leverage the modern pay-as-you-go billing infrastructure that enables quicker payments, reduced churn and increased revenues.

Subscription Billing

Our billing platform helps drive your digital transformation charter by automating sales & billing and leaving nothing for assumptions or manual push. This helps achieve quantum gains in speeding revenue and getting paid faster.

The trickiest part of selling cloud services is managing the subscription billing and pro-rata invoicing. One customer can add 50 users on 1st of a month and then remove 5 in the middle, and perhaps comes back to add back 10 at the month-end. This can be a case across several customers/ partners. Isn’t that the whole purpose of “pay-for-what-you-use” or “pay-as-you-go” economy? But difficult to keep up.

The cloud economy demands modern billing systems that our legacy systems or ERP cannot match. Trying to manage with legacy systems may need loads of customization and cost a lot for the adapters. And still keep most of this data in silos under departmental managers. As a business user you cannot wait for that to be published offline providing billing or invoicing details on weekly intervals. You need this data as you go.

Let AppGallop make life simpler and provide a native ground-up subscription billing system that will be weaved in the whole fabric of cloud commerce driving your cloud business to success while helping a complete Digital Transformation.



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