Telecom & Internet Service Providers

Accelerate your time to the fast growing cloud market, deliver all the top selling cloud services to your customers with unified identity, access, subscription billing, and payment management.

Telecommunications/ ISPs

Telecom and ISP continues to be the most competitive sectors resulting in compressed operating margins and volatile trends in realizations for the service providers as intense pressure and competitive pricing has resulted in volatile ARPUs. Although the ARPUs are growing on y-o-y basis, yet they are not having a stable growth curve.

Cloud services not only provide an alternate route to increase and stabilize the ARPU, but also to better monetize the existing infrastructure and customer base. AppGallop provides the platform to accelerate your time to market and launch your cloud marketplace that allows you to bundle voice, video and data services along in a simple way for your customers, while handling the complexities behind the scene.

Certain sector regulator guidelines are pushing the sector towards consolidation. To fetch better acquisition deals and valuations, the players not only have the task to deal with the existing issues, but also invest in building ecosystem for new technologies that are most likely to dominate the market. Therefore, it would be crucial for the whole telecom and ISP industry to enable value added services.

AppGallop provides a single integration platform to sell all of the leading cloud services, helps avoid the substantial CAPEX required to build a brokerage platform in house. It helps reduce the cost of running a VAS portfolio, cross-sell recurring cloud services, and up-sell higher broadband services for customers to maximize the usage experience of their cloud services.



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