Value Added Resellers/ Managed Service Providers

Sell your core services and add value with third-party products integrated from an easy to consume marketplace for your customers. Focus more on customer satisfaction and retention with AppGaIIop.


When you assume responsibility for providing a defined set of cloud services to your customers, they expect visibility and control of the deployment, migration and customization cycles. You typically serve mid-market to enterprise customers who need services across various workloads that includes offerings from other providers – networking, data-centers, cloud, etc. that supplement your traditional offerings with management services.

AppGallop enables your services into SKUs and provides a marketplace front-end to add products easily that helps generate quick BOM and Quotes for customer acceptance before initiating the transaction and implementation.

Often, each third-party provider/ distributor has its own partner portal with different billing methods and various business applications across vendors types, managing all this manually can be a drain. Additionally most of the back-end processes, such as order entry, have to be done manually.

The platform provides the ability to integrate with these providers at the backend through restful APIs and also be able to push orders vs. manually entering then. It helps your sellers and support staff focus on more productive activities of selling and ensuring customer satisfaction with an expanding margins and higher revenues.



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